First off, I would like to thank everyone who helped us test our first alpha build, and especially the testers that gave us feedback and suggestions about the game.

This alpha test saw 4,032 players take to the battlegrounds, playing a total of 181 games over the 24 hours of the test. Some of you played more than others, but our stand-out tester was @GummyBearGunner who played 45 games in total!

A number of our testers had issues with performance, especially RAM usage and this is something we are committed to improving for the next round of tests. We were not able to focus on enhancing performance and stability in time for this test but the engineering team is working round the clock to find ways to optimize our game for the next alpha test. However, please be aware that there is only so much they can do this early in the development cycle.

Here’s an infographic that lays out some of the stats from this alpha test.




For those that are curious, here is a better breakdown of the number of kills per weapon:

NagantM1895: 76
M9: 119
M1911: 142
Saiga12: 118
Winchester: 177
Berreta686: 55
UZI: 67
UMP: 228
M16A4: 330
SCAR-L: 546
HK416: 344
AK47: 719
M249: 91
Thompson: 15
Kar98k: 87
M24: 69
AWM: 83
Grenade: 16

Finally I would like to share a list of some of the goals we have for the next alpha build. Please note that this list is still very much a work in progress so some of the items listed may not make it into the next build we test.


  • Performance/memory tuning

Gameplay Additions

  • Melee weapons
  • Swimming
  • Boats
  • Boost system
  • Additional vehicle – Sedan
  • Vehicle refueling system
  • Proximity chat

Gameplay Tuning

  • Various level design improvments
  • Improved aiming
  • Improved aim sensitivity
  • Weapon balance pass
  • Item spawn balance pass
  • Improved reload animations (TBC)
  • Improved sound quality (gun sounds/footsteps)

Other Fixes & Additions

  • Resolve slow UI interaction
  • Keybind customization option
  • Improved inventory UI/UX
  • New coat/mask items
  • Improved attachments
  • Kill Cam implementation (TBC)
  • 3D replay implementation (TBC)
  • System for spectator mode (TBC)
  • Player statistics & ranking system (TBC)
  • Weapon skinning system (TBC)
  • Our next round of testing will take place in early November, and we will be handing out a lot more keys towards the end of next month, so stay tuned to our social media channels and this dev blog for all the latest information.