Today is a very special day for me! For the last four years, ever since I launched my first Battle Royale game-mode using the DayZ mod on Arma 2, I have worked hard to try deliver an intense, dynamic and fun experience. Through its various iterations in the ARMA series, H1Z1 and now in my own standalone game, you all have shown me tremendous support, and for that I want to say a sincere thank you.


And now comes the line I thought I would never get the chance to say… my game is now available to purchase on Steam Early Access!

I now want to run through a timeline for optimization of our game. A lot of you have been asking about how and when we will optimize the game, so hopefully this post will give you a better idea of our plans over the coming months.

One important thing to note. Client optimization takes time, and will not be solved in one single patch. We will be working hard over the next 6 months to ensure all players enjoy smooth gameplay with no lag or FPS drops.

Initial Performance Improvements 

Key Objectives

• To reduce the overload on the CPU, and make sure that the GPU performs to its full capability

Expected Results

• Frame rates will be stable even when in high-density areas 

• Get higher frame rates across all graphic options

ETA: Apr. 14th (Expected to take roughly 5 weeks)

Further Performance Improvements

Step 1: Art assets optimization (Apr. 7th)

• Decrease the LOD vertex for buildings seen at long distances

• Decrease the total amount of vertex by adjusting the LOD on terrains 

Step 2: Improve the rendering performance of terrain and ocean shader (TBD)

Step 3: Decrease the overload on the CPU by rearranging wall near buildings (TBD)

Step 4: Decrease the usage rate of the video memory (TBD) 

* We have already managed to make some of the improvements in our final CBT build, decreasing video memory usage by 1 GB.