Battle Royale game mode fills you with adrenaline and challenges your skills in a unique way. If you are here, you already know this. But we also know that it’s not the only reason why the Battle Royale community loves it so much.

Whether it’s in solo or teamplay mode, it pulls you into an all-out war you can enjoy with friends or community. Even if you don’t have friends who play with you, it’s easy to make friends in-game after a friendly banter.

It also creates a unique experience for livestream viewers. Every single match you are watching on Twitch or Beam feels like a sports match. It’s not only the player who gets the thrill of victory after beating tens of opponents. As a viewer of many Battle Royale veterans, I’ve sprung from my office chair and yelled “Finally!” a hundred times during three Alpha tests.

With these special characteristics in mind, we wanted to find a way to engage with the community more. We wanted to establish a platform that connects exceptional players together.

Thanks to PLAYERUNKNOWN, many testers have extended their incredible support to us. Some went out of their ways to give us feedback after every Alpha testing. Some invited all their streamer and gamer friends to the battleground. We want to give back by recognizing their outstanding support and contagious sportsmanship.

That’s why today we’re excited to announce the BATTLEGROUNDS Partner program. As we kick off our Closed Beta, it might be time for us to start building a healthy community from the ground up. The BATTLEGROUNDS Partner program will be one of our many efforts in that front.

For launch, we’ve asked the outliers to be part of this. We will invite more players to the group going forward. You can find the application form here. Please note that the requirements are only a general guideline.

We hope this is just the beginning of a long, exciting journey.
Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any suggestions.

See you in-game this weekend!