My name is Hyowon Yoo and I am the service manager for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. As some of you may already know, we conducted our very first external pre-alpha testing session last weekend.

It is very rare for developers to reveal the state of their games this early in development, and to be honest, we were a bit nervous ourselves, but we concluded that receiving feedback from our community as early as possible is much more important than our concerns about disclosing a build that was so early in production.

At the end of the day, we are all here to complete a well-made game, and we know for a fact that we won’t be able to do so without the help of our core community!

Out of the 1,100 invites that were sent, about 600 players actually logged into the game at least once, which is truly a stunning turnout and far exceeded our initial expectations!

Here’s an infographic that lays out some of the stats from our first pre-alpha tests.



Players who were involved in the tests have been very enthusiastic in giving us feedback, making suggestions and reporting bugs. I have included some of their feedback below so you can hear what they thought in their own words.

“Can I just say that for a “prototype build” the game really looks cool and I can see the potential in this! Of course there are bugs that’s logical. But devs, great work so far!” FrankNLD

“The game is hella fun so far this early on I’m already getting more enjoyment out of it as compared to Arma and H1Z1. It’s a nice middle ground of the two. Can’t wait until you guys improve on it.” Warriorr4

“I think they’re trying to take the best of Arma and H1 and putting them together for one awesome game.” iBillDaily

“Basically a very well ironed game at this point for being such an early stage.” 2brokegamers585

“I’m impressed with how the game is SOO smooth! I wish all pre-alpha games are like this.” mamaass

“Thanks again PLAYERUNKNOWN for giving me/us the opportunity to have a early look at this wonderful game in the making and also a big applause so far for the devs and everyone taking part in the development of BATTLEGROUNDS, was a blast and can’t wait to play again.” Simple

“Very bare bones, but also very solid. Game breaking glitches were few and far between, and the game was surprisingly playable.” Midge

We plan on holding another round of testing sessions in about a month’s time, so please stay tuned to our dev blog and Twitter for further announcements. We will also be adding more testers to the group, so if you didn’t get through this time you still have chance to join us in our next session!

Thank you again very much for the incredible amount of support you have shown us, and we’ll be back with more status updates soon!