Today, we would like to share our process of character development, from concept to finished in-game model.
First off, here is a short video with the two artists responsible for our character art, Taehyun our concept artist, and Cedric our lead character artist.

As with most art production processes, we start with various concepts based off the initial ideas I provided. Taehyun would come up with various basic concept compositions you can see below, which then gets reviewed by the team as to which of his concepts will be taken forward.

The final concepts are then broken down into a reference sheet in preparation for the character artist to begin creating the 3D model for the game

Once Cedric, our lead character artist, receives the reference sheets, he starts work on the hi-poly 3D sculpt of the character. This process will take approximately 3 weeks, with the work receiving regular feedback from our lead artist, and Art Director.

Once the team is happy with the end result, a low-poly version is created in preparation for insertion into the game-world

Pubg_character_items Pubg_character_items2 PUBG_female_character_clothes PUBG_3d_model

The model is then given physically-based rendering (PBR) textures, and the end result can be seen below

PUBG_male_character_model PUBG_girl_character_model