Hi folks,

I’m Marek, the content programmer and lead weapon / gunplay designer for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and I wanted to take you thru some of the main changes you will see to the gunplay system in the Closed Beta Test.


The old recoil system was following the same pre-defined pattern which only changed in magnitude for different weapons. The pattern didn’t reset even after you stopped firing which is why when you fired in single shot mode or short bursts you were seeing weird and unnatural weapon behavior after stopping.

The new system is based on multiple variables which uniquely define a weapon’s recoil characteristics, such as: vertical and horizontal kicks, recoil speed, shot recovery speeds, degree of variation, magnitude of recovery and horizontal kick tendency. Using these settings, we can create very detailed and specific behavior for each weapon.

We also changed the way attachments affect a weapon. Instead of simply decreasing the spread like before, each attachment controls different gun handling parameters. For example, with this new system the compensator decreases vertical recoil, the fore grip changes the horizontal recoil and the cheek pad reduces the amount of ADS / Scope sway as well as the magnitude of the “kick” animation, allowing for better hit tracking.

Here is an example of shotgun spread without/with the Choke attachment:

While not overly evident in the above GIF, the addition of both these attachments slightly reduce the recoil felt, especially for the first number of shots.


Deviation is a system which we use in hip fire and 3rd person aim modes to simulate inaccuracy by adding a random spread within the reticle bounds.
Previously, deviation was applied in hip fire, 3rd person and ADS aim modes. Now, hip fire and 3rd person aim modes will have deviation applied and the ADS view only gets inherent weapon inaccuracy.

All attachments and buffs used to affect the deviation multiplier parameter only and that’s why weapons which had many attachments felt too powerful. Attachment bonuses don’t overlap as heavily now, making it easier to balance this as we don’t have to think about cross-dependence and per-weapon balance.

Weapon Class Balance

Our main goal was to make each weapon class viable within its effective range. In the last Alpha test, SMGs were inferior to ARs in all situations and players always chose to exchange their SMG with an AR. We decided to make the SMG a more mobile weapon, offering faster movement speed while aiming with less deviation gain per shot, moderate recoil and less maximum deviation.

We also balanced the attenuation of SMGs to be closer to pistols rather than ARs. A suppressed AR attenuation is 300-350m but a suppressed SMG is around 100m. SMGs are still weaker at long range because of lower bullet velocity and faster damage drop-off compared to ARs.

To wrap up, the recoil and deviation system we have added is still in its early stages. Since the new system has a very detailed variable set for each weapon, we will need to tweak these over the course of the CBT based on both our internal tests and player’s feedback.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on our new system,