Thank you again for your support of our announcement. We will have some more substantial blog posts over the coming weeks, with a look into our world design, interviews with the team here and much more. For now, we want to answer some questions we’ve seen over the last week.


1. Console?

Yes! We will primarily be concentrating on developing and launching a complete PC version. Since we are using Unreal Engine, we have the option to launch on Xbox One and PS4.

2.  Will there be an open beta/alpha?

We need players to help us test our builds. For the moment, these tests will be restricted to a pool of selected pre-alpha testers. There will be more info on how you can become a tester released over the weekend so stay tuned to our Twitter and our Facebook for updates. We’ll do a beta towards the end of this year, and since we are still somewhat early in production, we have no official launch date just yet. We are also actively discussing the best way to do our early access/beta tests, so when this is decided, we will let you know.

3.  How much will it cost?

We will be a pay-to-play title, but the cost has not yet been decided.

4.  When can we see more?

We will be giving you a look at our world and character production pipelines over the coming weeks, from concept art to final game models. We want to have a very open and transparent development process, showing you all the work that goes into making a game and hopefully sharing a little knowledge in the process! For now, here is a look at the concept art for our first 2 character models.