I’m excited to finally share more details about what I’ve been up to for the last few months. This February, I received a message from Dr. Changhan Kim, a Production Director at Bluehole.
He explained that he’d wanted to make a Battle Royale type game for the last 10 years, and when he learned about what I had done with Arma 3 & H1Z1,
he decided reach out to see if I would be interested in joining his team to make it a reality. I get the occasional email like this,
so I had some questions about how this could work.
However, it soon became clear that his vision was in line with ideas I had been dreaming up.
This could actually work! After some in-depth discussions I was fully convinced that we wanted to make the same game.

A few weeks later I was flown out to Seoul to meet with the team and see what they had planned.
I had many questions, since I primarily knew Bluehole as an MMORPG developer.
I needed to be sure they would be able to make the game I had in my head, but after meeting the team and seeing the concept art and ideas they had, those doubts disappeared and I got more and more excited about what we could do together!
I accepted their offer of joining the team as Creative Director, and moved to Seoul at the end of March to start making my dream of a Battle Royale standalone game a reality.
Our goal is to create a game that is designed from the ground up to give players a competitive, strategic, and balanced PvP experience that’s fun to play–a game that you want to keep coming back to, win or lose.

Since then I have been working with the team here outlining my vision and production is now well underway.
We plan to have a very open development process and as such we hope to update this blog on a frequent basis.
As a modder, player feedback has been very important to my working process and this will still hold true for the BATTLEGROUNDS project.
I can’t wait to share some of the details on the world, weapons and characters we have created thus far.